English mission!

I tried to run for Helsinki city council in 2012 and I am trying again this spring. Mainly I want to be a channel for foreign based inhabitants in Helsinki politics. About 14% of voters in Helsinki have a foreign background, but voting has been poor within this group. Politics in Helsinki is performed in Finnish or Swedish and politicians have not had the energy to translate and engage this foreign power in Helsinki. I want to change this and give Helsinki politics a face in English.

I am working in EU research and Earth Observation policy, so I work in English mostly. My mother and father tongues are Finnish and German so it is a foreign language to me, but foreign power in foreign language should work out fine!

I mainly want to listen to your troubles and wishes, so my own political views will not be my main agenda, but to get to know me, here is one topic I feel passionate about:

I want to make life more physically active for everybody - it makes life better in so many ways!

Immobility has sharply risen in the last ten years. And because of this even then we eat less calories, we still gain on average more weight. It's our life that's gotten so convenient, so we don't have to make any significant physical effort. This predicts a grim future for us.

I want to make walking and cycling more attractive all year round by improving all pedestrian and cycling ways. On the other hand I'd like to make employers recognize it's their own best to include more physical activities into our workflow.

Help me move Helsinki to a better life!

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